The first episod of the new David "@AoDespair" Simon show aired recently, and it's as brilliant as always. It's called and talks about prostitution and pornography in Reagan's New York.

It can probably be summed up by: "Everyone is human after all", "Everything is political", and "Forget your prejudices and easy solutions, this is a fucking complicated situation". ↪

lertsenem @lertsenem

I think the talent of David Simon resides both in how he humanises even the most despicable characters, in a way that you fully understand (and sometimes agree with!) their motives and actions, and how he describes as completely as possible the extraordinarily complex interactions between so many characters, now treated as political actors.

Oh, and he does this while staying entertaining, and shooting cinematographically interesting scenes. 👌 ↪

A word about the actors: they are all fantastic. James Franco shines a bit more because of his role(s), but the pimps and prostitutes are also doing an amazing performance.

God knows it's hard to have a sex scene that feels realistic, and not either cheesy/pudic/sex-under-the-sheets-with-your-bra-on or too aesthetic/pornographic/got-style. Here the sex is gross, fun, violent, touching, boring, just a job or something more, but always credible. And never gratuitous. ↪

So, if you enjoyed The Wire or Show Me A Hero, I think may be the next show you'll want to see.

Plus, you get to see D'Angelo Barksdale (Lawrence Gilliard Jr) as a NYC police officer, and that's priceless. :] ◻

1x02 is still very good. Very violent too.

Not like there's violent footage per se (there's some though), but the whole description of the prostitution universe feels like a punch in the guts.

The worst part of it (and Simon's genius) is that there's no single evil group responsible. Not even the pimps or the cops. They're all political actors, playing their best interests in a system that badly needs fixing.

Also, the porn shooting scene is both cringy and hilarious.