– We'll figure it out.
– We don't have much time!
– We'll figure it out fast.

Just Amos being Amos. ♥

@lertsenem I've been watching the show, but also "catching up" with the books.

Would you enjoy a bit of fannish nattering from a fellow fan?


@OldBrushNewPaper I didn't read the books, actually. Some friends that did told me that, for once, the series was way better than the books, so I decided to skip them.

But anyway, I'm always happy to exchange about the stuff I like, no need to ask. :)

@lertsenem You're very kind! I ask just in case there's something I don't know about.

I'm kinda old-school, having grown to my mid-50's as a book-based SF fan. Still, I'm also something of a syncretist - I love what each medium does with the main story, and how characters appearing in the book don't in the tv, and vice versa.

And, when the tv has been watched, the books are like a nice, long embrace for my sf heart.



@OldBrushNewPaper I do share the sentiment, and for example I think the Witcher adaptation managed to stay very close to the books (that I did not finished yet).

I also love what they did with the new Watchmen series, reactualizing the universe while staying very true to the source material, both in letter and spirit.

Maybe I'll finally read The Expanse one day. For now I have too little time and too much to read though. :p

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