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Ah, I won't stay up till #showoffhour today. 😴

But allow me to post some early screenshots.
I've been working on my #ohrrpgce #rpg project.
I added an additional grass border tile as recommended by @eishiya (if I rerember correctly.)
Here are some screenshots of today's work:

The path to town with a new border added (image 1). The tilset for the jungle village. I ran a bit out of ideas what to draw for a village, so I just drew more plants and huts (image 2).
And how the village looks with NPCs added (image 3). They also have a small 'garden'/field nearby where I'll add some weak monsters for fighting (image 4).

I'd really like to hear your comments and ideas on this. 🙂

#gamedev #tilemap #tileset #ohrrpgce #rpg #showoffhour

mastodon.art/media/RVmOiCFSxUB mastodon.art/media/0bbdx8S8vHl mastodon.art/media/hoKNHeaXRGQ mastodon.art/media/GkOZg-5LNqK

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Teaching Le Guin, anarchism Show more

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Any Francophone Mastodoners: I'm looking for assistance with a book, "La vengeance par le crédit, ou, Monte-Cristo" (2013), Jean-Michel Rey.

I don't believe there's an English translation, I don't have access to a copy, and there's some information I'd like to look for in it.



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pawoo.net/media/RjX7MhsvIEKkIz pawoo.net/media/381UmM3hzrEvQC pawoo.net/media/qKI4AoPzbFeRzI pawoo.net/media/Au-PNt8TLBs5CB

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Il faut vraiment que je suive mieux l'actualité, j'avais complètement zappé qu'on avait annexé le Mexique.

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#nationalbirdday is today so I took some birb requests!
My favs are capuchinbirds and pionus parrots!
#birbs #sketch #mastoart

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This is really useful! A site that ranks Steam games with high ratings but low sales. #gaming #gameing #gamedev


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"Raz" (Psychonauts)

Starting the year off with some fan art, Psychonauts is one of my favorite games of all time. Maybe, if I have some time (some day), I'll also draw Milla Vodello.

Anyway, as always, if you'd like a large version of this image, check out my Patreon at www.patreon.com/oabnormal

#art #mastoart #fanart #psychonauts #raz mastodon.art/media/C4uWwV5qeSK

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Good to know: Raspberry Pi is not vulnerable to Meltdown/Spectre because they use processors that don't do speculation.

Also a nice, clear explanation of how the vulnerabilities work.


More . Mainly hands and faces. Maybe I should try to draw something else. :]

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my 2017 art summary!! i drew a lot this year and i had a lot of fun drawing! i hope i can draw and improve a lot more in 2018 ✨
#mastoart #art

On peut proposer des fictions interactives pour le ?

Will Not Let Me Go, de Stephen Granade, en est une superbe sur la maladie, la vieillesse et la mémoire. Un peu longue (pour une FI) et un peu triste, elle vaut sacrément le détour.


(En anglais uniquement par contre...)