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I once saw someone say that pixel art was the first truly masculine art form and to this day I carry my great grandmothers cross stitch sampler around with me so that in case I ever meet that person I can throw it at them

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this was an older project i'd someday like to finish, a lil virtual pet game

#tamagotchi #gamedev #indiegames #creatures #monsters

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one of my fav artifacts of artistic #animal #anatomy is the 40 page guide on #deer Rico LeBrun made for #Disney artists & animators working on #Bambi–he really gets incredibly bold, exploring the very edges of (and, for the needs of animation, beyond) what an ungulate body can do, rendered w/the effortless, abbreviated grace that only comes from years of study

check out the whole lovely thing:

#artshare #reference #illo

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#GamesFeaturingSnow since I'm already missing the snow from yesterday/this morning, here are a few games featuring snow.

Let's start with The Long Dark, a survival game set in the Canadian wilderness after some sort of catastrophe. Escape wolves, find food, craft items, cook, find shelter in abandoned houses, churches, dams, …

The sandbox mode is pretty well-done and addictive, but I haven't played the campaign a lot yet.


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Over Thnxgvz I saw an Eyvind Earle exhibition in San Francisco. I thought I already loved Earle's paintings, but seeing my favorite ones in person was nearly mystical. The tricks he pulls with perspective and impossible light sources give it an almost sinister fairyland feeling. I felt like I was going to fall into the paintings, but I DID NOT WANT TO BE TRAPPED IN THEM! A completely wonderful artistic encounter!

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Ah ah wow. That's both a very arrogant and very ignorant thing to say.

First: they never left
Second: making a videogame and inventing a board game are two extremely different matters
Third: the board games evolution was continuous, and while there arguably are influences, they are definitely not suddenly coming back thanks to videogames.

RT @hntooter : Board games are back, thanks to lessons designers learned from computer games

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Je profite du #MercrediFiction pour vous inviter chaudement à lire ces deux textes.
Tout d'abord " Gouffre " de @neiljomunsi qui est la 12ème nouvelle du #ProjetBradbury

Et ensuite ce texte " Les derniers décadents " de Jean Lionnet (1894) via ArchéoSf & retrodrama : archeosf.publie.net/derniers-d

You're basically describing American Gods, by Neil Gaiman.

RT @WritingPrompts: Every deity that has ever existed is real, and their power is proportional to how many people believe in them. However, as more and more people become atheist, the gods must band together to make people “believe” again.

of the day: a cosy winter scene by @ramunepod@twitter.com

You have to admire how delicate and precise the characters animation is. And the rendering of the warm light in a cold winter is just perfect.

Also, I don't get how kotatsus are not a major Japan export yet.


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dealer: There's a tempest raging. You find a cave and decide to hide there until it calms down.
d: Unfortunately, this cave is inhabited by monsters that attack you!
d: They are...
*draws a card*
d: ...two bandits!
me: okay, should be easy
d: And also...
*draws again*
d: ...two LAVA GOLEMS!
me: O_O wtf is this place are they roommates?!