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#makingof #inkscape
Au départ, un crayonné scanné et importé sous inkscape.

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@jk alanis morissette would have included this situation in "ironic" if the song was like 30 seconds longer

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i have some old towels i use only for messy things, like to mop up spills or if something happens like the washing machine broke down and started leaking. anyway, i was just washing those towels, in the washing machine, when it broke down and started leaking

I need to update my resume, but I don't want to use moderncv anymore. I wish there was some asciidoc theme with a similar feel. :/

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The suspense was palpable.

The queen had been in labor for quite a while.

Finally, the midwife emerged, a bright if befuddled smile on her face.

"Well?" asked the queen's spouse eagerly.

"It's a..." the midwife paused, and tilted her head before continuing, "The baby has your features, for sure."

She pulled aside the blanket to reveal green glistening scales and the baby spat a lick of flame as it gurgled.

And there was much rejoicing.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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Défi du jour : aller lui dire qu'on voit ses tétons et que sa jupe est trop courte. :feministfist:

I have yet to implement attacks, so in the meantime my debug fun is to back enemies into a corner. :]

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I think I am going to abandon my attempt to fake 3D lights in 2D. Maybe something like this looks good enough? Or maybe I will just stick to doing lights and shadows in the art. Definitely want to make some gameplay and design progress for #devtober and not just this sort of nonsense

#gamedev #GodotEngine

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Politique américaine, santé (Covid-19) Show more

It's Bandcamp Friday ! If you're searching for good stuff, I'd recommend the FEZ OST by disasterpeace to look through your window at the rainy world outside while holding a mug of the hot beverage of your choice. :]

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Bad places for project documentation:

* blog posts
* mailing list archives, public
* mailing list archives, private
* private emails
* chat logs
* commit messages
* closed tickets
* open tickets
* letters to the editor, published
* letters to the editor, unpublished
* people's heads
* cave paintings
* DNA of custom bacteria
* interstellar probes
* value of pi

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Lecture : "Flic" Show more

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"Wait," he said, "you read fantasy? On your profile it said you read science fiction."
"I like to read both."
"That makes no sense, you either read one or the other."
She gave him a look.
"Are you serious? Genre matters much less than the quality of the story."
#BiVisibilityDay #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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En parallèle de «Un pays qui se tient sage», Un flic qu'on voit partout ; police française, brutalité policière Show more

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