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Dungeons and Dragons character portrait for LadyBloof on Twitter! I really love doing little DnD pieces; they're very low-stress and give me room to experiment! #mastoart #mastodonart #DnD #DungeonsandDragons #Digital mastodon.art/media/30WthtrRKnb

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@jcfrog Je ne sais pas si ça changerait le classement ou pas, mais en tous les cas faire des comparaisons entre pays en utilisant des valeurs absolues (et pas ramenées à la population du pays) n'a pas de sens.

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of the day: Ninja cat and Jackal, Dove & Sheep, by Philippe Jugnet.


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@mwlucas I think that is indeed the best way to go with that kind issues. @snowcrashmike

@snowcrashmike Not sure where the limit should be set, but yes: if he was just sharing his hateful opinions with a handful of people, I don't think he should be fired for it. After all, he could just be honestly ignorant and able to learn and change. But what he did leaves no place for doubt.

@snowcrashmike That was exactly my point: now that he acted, and seeing how damaging it is for the company, Google was fully justified to fire him. But they couldn't before: you can't fire someone for what he thinks. @mwlucas

@Hiraelle Oui mais c'est du déchiré-main. 👌

@mwlucas To be fair, I'm not sure it would be a good rule to fire people just because they hold shitty opinions. Just fire them if they act on it and it causes the company damage (reputation or otherwise).

Thus him being ignorant in those areas is not necessarily wrong: he was only a programmer, and those are not directly related to his job. But since he both brought his company discredit and made himself pretty much impossible to work with for a lot of people, he needed to go.

@Alda OK. J'ai cru que j'avais mal compris le nouveau fonctionnement. :p

@Alda Mais silence ça vire pas des mentions aussi maintenant ?

@Alda 🔥

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@petaramesh En effet, un message dit que la position sociale dominante pourrait ne pas correspondre à un comportement qui soit jugé positivement. Et ça c'est intolérable. C'est la bulle d'angry jack (tu ne connais pas angry jack ?

Tu en as pour une grosse heure, il y a six vidéos de ~10 minutes. Regarde les. Apprends.


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@petaramesh J'ai été lire (enfin survoler) le thread d'hier sur les CW. Je le trouve bien triste, et d'un grand classicisme, ce qui n'est pas un compliment chez moi.

En particulier, il articule des raisonnements stériles et idiots.

1. L'inversion - les puissants/dominants (hommes, blancs, valides, hétéros, etc) hurlent à la mort parce que les dominés ont *demandé* quelque chose.

Ce qui fait hurler, ce n'est pas la demande (soft) mais l'inversion.


of the day: Celeste, by Nathan "Adarias" Christie.


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@BadWrongFun It's been quite some time since I used it, but I think LXDE is a pretty simple and classic DE. Unity is more modern, fancy and trying new stuff (and people love to hate it for that, myself included). You should not have any difficulty adjusting to LXDE.

(And what makes Ubuntu great for beginners is that it generally works out of the box on a lot of hardware. Hopefully yours is supported. :)

@cnc Oh okay, I didn't know that. :)

@cnc Something like this would qualify as a jacket? (Cause it's a manteau, but not a veste)

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