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@colunadoc Merci pour l'info ! Ça me rassure un peu que ce soit général, je pensais que c'était juste mon serveur qui était tombé (pas d'utilisateurs de mon côté à part moi, donc je vais juste prendre mon mal en patience).

@johannc Wow, this looks nice ! Big TLoZ Minish Cap vibe (and I mean it as a praise).

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@runevision Thanks! From your summary that's probably the kind of game I'd love to play. And since you liked it you'd probably like A Monster's Expedition, if you didn't already play it. :)

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The Dark Lord is slain.
Your companions slap your back while you watch his blood trickle down your blade.
"Congratulations," your best friend says. "What will be your title?"
"What do you mean?"
"I'll dismantle the whole thing."
"Not take over? Why?"
"Nobody's tried it."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Vous vous souvenez de mon fanart #nausicaa ? Je l'ai refait avec une composition qui me plait bien plus !
#ghibli #FanArtGhibli #mastoart

@Eramdam I thought I was getting the hang of it, but then I met the purple one and I'm now a puddle of sweat.

Also, the level design of their areas is on point for those improvised games of tag. 👌

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Enfin ! L'expiration du mot de passe a toujours été contre-productive en terme de sécurité dans la pratique.
RT @cnotin
🇫🇷 ANSSI does not recommend anymore to enforce password expiry, except for privileged accounts.
Of course renewal must be triggered if a leak is suspected.

Big change with the end of this old rule. France finally in line with other international recommendations.

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FOSS (Forced Open Source Software)

:pirate_flag: stolen from someone who didn't add alt text :pirate_flag:

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@borderdoggo J'ai l'impression que l'adresse mail n'est même pas vérifiée. 👌

@borisschapira Hey, ça c'est le genre de discours qui ne marche déjà pas pour les drogues, l'alcool ou la sexualité. Je ne vois pas comment ça pourrait échouer ici...

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My first mural project for POND at Shibuya PARCO

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@solidsanek I'm afraid to know how much paperwork and licensing fee went into that keychain being included in the model.

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I still find it so funny that outside of the keychain, there is literally no mention of disney character in smash bros. I just like how the closest you get to a Disney representation is this screenshot from the trailer of not Goofy and not Donald. Otherwise it's just like they never existed in their representation of KH.

Everyone is scared to deal with the mouse
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