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@cybergrunge @emmanuelc J'essaie un peu égoïstement de garder les ressources de mon serveur pour moi en ce moment, désolé. ^^"

cf: mastodon.lertsenem.com/@lertse

@Sylvhem Note that you don't get *all* the NES games, they only add two more each month since the service launch. But there are already the two Zeldas, some Marios games, and Kirby's Adventure. \o/


@Sylvhem Well, if some retrogaming would suit you, you also get some nice NES games for the same price (granted, you could get them for free with emulation, but still).

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Users are the Muggle Studies of software development.

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"Release me," the frog said, "and I will grant you a wish."
"Oh!" the boy said, "I wish to understand all animals!"
All the way home he listened to birds, and he excitedly told his father.
"That's nice," his father said, but the boy heard "Whatever, don't disturb me."
#Cassoland #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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no bottom text chuck norris jokes are transcendental

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[THREAD] Videos from #GodotCon Brussels 2019

Thanks to @czlowiekimadlo we could stream GodotCon talks, and user Rayos sent me edited versions for each of them, which I'm now uploading with a detailed outline. I'll post links whenever they're online, and the playlist eventually.

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[THREAD] Videos from the 2nd day of #GodotCon Brussels 2019.

Thanks again to all the speakers for their talks, @czlowiekimadlo for the livestream and Rayos for the editing.

Here's the thread for the 1st day if you missed it: mastodon.gamedev.place/@akien/

@ZisIsMe Au passage, le livre est en cours d'adaptation en série. La saison 1 est sortie et est excellente à tous points de vue, avec une esthétique visuelle incroyable qui sert remarquablement l'histoire.

@nicod_ Non, je voulais dire que tu es passé à côté du jeu de mot. :)

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