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The new video is done and will go online in a day or two. It's 41 minutes long, and you can see it now for a buck on Patreon. patreon.com/InnuendoStudios


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Legalize Wario Ware Inc. (hazards on, must SD if you lose a minigame).

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In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, nothing can prevent CPU opponents from participating in microgames on the WarioWare, Inc. stage. Even ordering them to not move in Training Mode (left) will cause them to ignore this setting to play the microgames (right). t.co/Bx69hrD8Cd

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@dashie Le droit de retrait ne concerne pas uniquement le conducteur en question ? Je pensais que c'était une grève sans préavis pour dénoncer les conditions de travail suite à ce problème.

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"Epic supports blender", ok.
"Stuido khara start using blender", makes sense.
"NVidea sponsors blender", yeah, cycles uses cuda, makes sense.
"Adidas becomes official sponsor of blender"... wait what?


I'm currently reading *Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband*, a about a retired badass yakuza learning to become a househusband, and I think this finally may be the new non-toxic masculinity role model we needed.

It's not the best thing I've ever read, but it's so silly and wholesome I can't stop laughing. :]

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@benoit Oooh nice photo! I remember going there! The castle is cool, and the gardens nearby are very nice too, with their tea house.

And, their himeji-chan mascot is pretty funny. :'D

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I just got my cards in!!!

So I work the security gate for a gated community, and there's one gate that all of the contractors are supposed to go through. When I'm taking IDs at that gate I get a lot of passports or foreign drivers licenses, because of course these rich hypocritical fucks only hire cheap undocumented laborers, and so I had these printed to covertly hand back with their ID. The front has info for the local rapid response group that I'm a part of (how to report ICE activity/ask for help, stay updated on where ICE is, and volunteer with us), and the back has a "know your rights" that I copied over from the ACLU

I was originally going to just get 100, but 250 was only like 20 cents more so I went for that. I'll have some with me at work every day, keep some in my wallet, and drop off a bunch at the Free Store when it's open again

Thank you to @GreenandBlack for doing the Spanish translation on the front! :ecoanarchism_heart:

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aujourd'hui dans "les libristes :blobunamused: ", un libriste de merde nous dis que wikimedia est pris en otage [par les féministes intégristes]

@dashie 🤦‍♂️

Je pense que ce sont vraiment les même que les gamers "pAs De PoLiTiQuE dAnS mEs JeUx ViDéOs!!§§".

Des gens comme ça sont précieux. Et par là je veux dire que si on pouvait les enfermer dans un coffre et cacher la clef je pense que tout le monde serait soulagé.

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been redoing some old pixel art

2017 -> 2019

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@lwy Grave.

D'ailleurs dans la nature il n'y a pas d'ordinateurs, donc dans ton souci de rester vrai à la nature humaine profonde tu devrais peut-être t'éloigner de ton clavier, non ? Juste par souci de cohérence, quoi.

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