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Here's a bored Link.

I find that working on semi-realistic skin rendering helps accentuate all the anatomical innacuracies and exagerations in my drawings.
It's not necessarily unpleasant, but I should be doing them more consciously, and not realize what I did after the fact. 😁

Today's drawing prompt was a doggo happily getting out of water and about to splash it everywhere. :]

Made me realize my dogs are very generic, I should probably train with refs.

Thinking in 3D is hard, but that's the best way to draw a figure from different angles, so I'll have to learn I guess.

Here are some doodles.

Painting good skintones is hard! I'm trying to learn by copying Sinix technique —and comparing my results to his can be a bit disheartening.

Anyway, here's a (a bit scary) Link head. :}

I bought a new tablet. \o/ Time to learn how colors work...

Here's me trying to do skintones with . Yeah, there's a quite some room for improvement.

Manipulating a platform-like character with just one button seems kinda doable. Not sure if it's interesting though. Maybe for a runner game? 🤔

Anyway, it looks a bit messy but I like how my animations turned out.

Here's some black & white animation for a game. Not sure what the game will be yet, maybe a runner or something like that. It should use only one button, which is quite constraining, to say the least.

More doodles for the ink throne. I should work on my 3D visualisation skills to be able to redraw the same character from different angles.

Woah woah woah wtf game? Why are you calling me out like this? 0_0

Here are some examples of top8 pictures and a screenshot of the app.

I've been watching some Hellblade lately, so here's a small watercoloured Northperson. ⚔️ (not quite as visually disturbing as the ones you fight in-game though :D)

Le 8 décembre à Lyon, c'est la fête des pots à yaourts La Laitière ! \o/

I'm finally playing Sekiro, and it's pretty great! Also, I've been trying my hand at watercolours lately. So here's a watercolour shinobi. \o/

A very different from her usual "clean" style, and I find it astounding. The unstable angle, slight deformations in perspective and volumes, and the thicker lines give it a "drunk"-like quality that make it very impactful.

190830 by @waneella_

Woooo, mon Teto est beaucoup trop cool et les couleurs sont parfaites ! Merci @Hiraelle @Hiraelle !

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