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Here I was, painfully trying to animate characters for and screaming a lot in the process. But then I came across Andreas Esau's plugin for and now joy came back in my life. \o/

Seriously, this is a godsend. If you can't/don't want to use Spine or Dragonbone but need to do some cutout animation, consider giving it a try.

Une journée de réunion audio : mes notes.

"Les réunions, là où le travail se rend pour mourir."

I have yet to implement attacks, so in the meantime my debug fun is to back enemies into a corner. :]

In case someone is interested, I built a small CLI python soft that can generate top8 posters for tournaments using data. The resulting images are in SVG (or exported in PNG) and can use a theme of your choice.

It's called and is available freely at

Come on, man. You just can't wear the costume and then say stuff like *this*.

🇫🇷 Manifestation pour l'hôpital public.

🇬🇧 Demonstration for the public health system.

"French language is so sexy, could you teach me some naughty words?"

Brush training : topless Link wearing a jean.

I'm finally starting to understand how those pesky torso muscles and bones work.

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Je commence un gros documentaire en quatre parties sur qui a l'air plutôt pas mal : Le temps des ouvriers.

Ça raconte apparemment trois siècles d'histoire du monde ouvrier européen. 🛠️

Yey, brush training is starting to pay! \o/

I'm very glad with how this one came out!

Trying to get more comfortable with textiles and shadows. I wouldn't say it's conclusive yet, but I like this witch enough. :)

En train de regarder Edwy Plenel et sa moustache raconter à Brut l'enquête de Mediapart sur le fiasco d'État des masques pour le .

Ça vaut le coup si vous n'avez pas d'abonnement ni eu le temps de la lire gratuitement ce weekend.

That neck is a mess, fortunately I was focusing on abs for this one.

Un en quatre parties sur l'Afghanistan, disponible en replay sur Arte. 👍

Afghanistan - Pays meurtri par la guerre

Un déroulé limpide des relations complexes (ce n'est rien de le dire) entre les deux superpuissances de la guerre froide, les chefs moudjahidines rivaux, et tout les acteurs qui se disputent la région. Au final un éclairage incroyable sur la situation géopolitique actuelle en matière de terrorisme.

(Spoiler : ça ne finit pas bien)

Copying some Kim Jung-Gi for learning purposes. That man is a graphical genius.

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