Slowly crafting tiles and assembling them to make some kind of tavern.

Finished playing *Counterfeit Monkey* by Emily Short, and that's one hell of a good game. Superb narration, awesome and absolutely original mechanic, a blast to play all the way.

Its about 10h long without help, and I heartily recommend it (don't hesitate to ask if you're stuck at some point).

play online:

Plutôt sympa la Société Protectrice des Végétaux pour récupérer des plantes abandonnées à . 🪴

🇬🇧 The Plants Protection Society is a nice place to get plants in Lyon.

Trying my hand at for . Textures with so few pixels are *hard*.

Palette "Lost Century" by CalmRadish : htttps://

I've just wrote a comment I did not write in a long time.

I'm feeling a bit dirtier than I remember I did back then. Is that what
experience feels like?

Slowly pixelarting my way to a nice house thanks to Aseprite and Tiled. Now I need some furnitures.

It's Friday, and Rozen just came out with a new album :

*Ghibli Secret Hideaway*, a collection of acoustic arrangement from Joe Hisaishi's pieces. Very good stuff. 👌

(and if you like NieR, Undertale or Zelda music, you can check out his other arrangements albums)

*History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.*

— Karl Marx

I don't wear a helmet when biking, because I don't want to, but I still thought it was a good protection. But apparently it is not and I'm dumbfounded by this.

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Finally one reasonable argument in favour of NFT.

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