Sick musical burn. 👌

RT @l1_clem: Les CRS trollé par un mec jouant de la trompette, excellent !

Une de la chaîne Linguisticae, intitulée LES GRAMMARNAZIS SONT DES CONNARDS.

Tout est dans le titre. :]

"What Was Undertale Actually About?" by AoG is for a good part the answer I would have liked to make to Foldable Human's "Intended Play" video ( 👍

Guess that's one thing I can check off the list. :]

What Was Undertale Actually About? –

I need to make a list of all the trains tracks I want to travel on so I can add this one to it.

via :

Les chiffres des résultats trimestriels de , remis en contexte par 💹

tl;dr: ça va, ils ne sont pas sur la paille. 😶

De tout le bestiaire démoniaque japonais, je ne pensais pas que la loutre serait le plus dangereux. Poke @dashie

Une mascotte loutre sème la terreur au Japon –

Oh my god, she also has instructions for a sweater that is also an FM transmitter, this is so cool!

I'd like a shirt made with this fabric, please.

Irene Posch - The embroidered computer –

En ce moment en direct du Sénat, la reprise du feuilleton , avec des questions sur ses passeports diplomatiques et de service au dircab de l'Elysée. Deux ministres à suivre. 🍿🍿🍿

Now this is some quality content. 👌

What it Sounds like to hit your Head against Smash Stages! –

There's a nice article about the channel ContraPoints in The Atlantic. Well worth a read, even if you are already familiar with Natalie @ContraPointsBot Wynn's work (and if you're not, here's the link:

'ContraPoints' Is Political Philosophy Made for YouTube –

Finally found a comprehensive guide to tsukemono! I love those things, but couldn't figure out how exactly they were made –until now. \o/

Tsukemono: A Guide to Japanese Pickles • Just One Cookbook

I just learned that "robotnik" was a polish word meaning "worker". It was also the name of an underground socialist newspaper, among the first to oppose anti-semitism in Poland, that disappeared in 1939.

Which means that Sonic the hedgehog is actually a fascist.

I'm at a (boring) IT formation, where they lend us a PC for practice. My first reflex is to change the default password for my account. Unfortunately, the account is the same for everyone and now nobody can log in. I'm like

Philosophers: how can humans find happiness? what does it look like?

Me, an intellectual:

I may or may not have willingly missed the beginning of a meeting in order to relive the genuine childlike thrill of skipping school to buy a videogame again.

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