Woah woah woah wtf game? Why are you calling me out like this? 0_0

Here are some examples of top8 pictures and a screenshot of the app.

I've been watching some Hellblade lately, so here's a small watercoloured Northperson. ⚔️ (not quite as visually disturbing as the ones you fight in-game though :D)

Le 8 décembre à Lyon, c'est la fête des pots à yaourts La Laitière ! \o/

I'm finally playing Sekiro, and it's pretty great! Also, I've been trying my hand at watercolours lately. So here's a watercolour shinobi. \o/

A very different from her usual "clean" style, and I find it astounding. The unstable angle, slight deformations in perspective and volumes, and the thicker lines give it a "drunk"-like quality that make it very impactful.

190830 by @waneella_

Woooo, mon Teto est beaucoup trop cool et les couleurs sont parfaites ! Merci @Hiraelle @Hiraelle !

Here I was, painfully trying to animate characters for and screaming a lot in the process. But then I came across Andreas Esau's plugin for and now joy came back in my life. \o/

Seriously, this is a godsend. If you can't/don't want to use Spine or Dragonbone but need to do some cutout animation, consider giving it a try.

Une journée de réunion audio : mes notes.

"Les réunions, là où le travail se rend pour mourir."

I have yet to implement attacks, so in the meantime my debug fun is to back enemies into a corner. :]

In case someone is interested, I built a small CLI python soft that can generate top8 posters for tournaments using smash.gg data. The resulting images are in SVG (or exported in PNG) and can use a theme of your choice.

It's called and is available freely at git.lertsenem.com/lertsenem/ss.

Come on, man. You just can't wear the costume and then say stuff like *this*.

🇫🇷 Manifestation pour l'hôpital public.

🇬🇧 Demonstration for the public health system.

"French language is so sexy, could you teach me some naughty words?"

Brush training : topless Link wearing a jean.

I'm finally starting to understand how those pesky torso muscles and bones work.

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