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Donc pour regarder une vidéo sympa avec Usul cette semaine il vaut mieux éviter le dernier épisode d'OLG. Par contre il est en guest dans une de Dave Sheik :

Racisme & Humour ft un pote blanc –youtube.com/watch?v=YWY9mflUhF

Mes principaux reproches : c'est trop court pour être plus qu'une introduction au sujet, et c'est (à mon avis) trop optimiste sur l'évolution des mentalités. Mais ça reste plutôt pas mal, je trouve.

When I realize that The Stormlight Archive third volume is out since last November.

For a more complete view of her work, @retronator did a very nice "artist feature" on her a month ago.


With palettes breakdowns and everything. :)

of the day: two triptychs by @merrigo@tumblr.com

merrigo's sceneries are sooo relaxing, I just want to go there, lie down, and look at the sky. ⛅


of the day: Cuphead tribute by @jonroru@tumblr.com

Not quite the same style, but still pretty bouncy! :]


"A druid changing into a earth elemental"

of the day : Totoro walk by @DanieruArt@twitter.com

Now this is some seriously smooth animation.


Eh, c'était pas dans les signes avant-coureurs de l'Apocalypse ça ? Entre la famine et la pestilence ?


Poke @jour

Dans la même collection, ne manquez pas non plus "Les bons produits de l'Ardèche : la pizza Margaretha".

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"Kiss on the first date"

Still figuring things out with colouring. I like how the dragon turned out, though.

Il faut vraiment que je suive mieux l'actualité, j'avais complètement zappé qu'on avait annexé le Mexique.

More . Mainly hands and faces. Maybe I should try to draw something else. :]

Will Not Let Me Go is a 2017 by Stephen Granade, where you play an old man with Alzheimer.

The story is a powerfully emotional one. The author knows how to use his medium, telling it from the perspective of an unreliable narrator, changing words and mixing memories. A real masterpiece, about aging, memory and sickness.


It's quite long, but it's a page tur- hem, link clicker. If you have some free time and are not too depressed already, do read it!

As a new year resolution, I'll try to more at work. Here are my notes for my first meeting of 2018. \o/

of the day: II or III a.C. Roman mosaic in Sevilla, by an unknown author. :]

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of the day: I SLAY DRAGONS, by charsiewspace

A very dynamic animation, you can almost hear the swords ringing! 🗡💥


of the day: Tonari no Totoro, by kawaiihannah

This is a incredible, *massive* 24 colours, animated pixelart piece. Makes me want to rewatch that movie.