Just watched Con Air and I'm still laughing. I can't believe I didn't know of this movie until now. What a monument.

Okay, so I can alternate between a "world" view and a "fight" view, zooming in and switching to a fixed camera (and adding black bars for flair!).

But now I'm not quite sure what I should do if a character tries to leave (or is thrown out of) the fight area. 🤔

Trying to build a Chrono Trigger-like combat system with .

I'm really tempted to make some art for it, but it would take way too long and I'd have to scrap a lot of it each time I'd revise the gameplay...

Made a small run cycle for a character from an awesome piece by @PixelMima@twitter.com, for training.


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Ça va trop loin le communautarisme. À quand la viande pour fasciste ⸮

Building the next Smash Bros. Looking good so far 👍.

Sober, he realizes that using the same animation tool as Ghibli does not magically make him a great animator.


Ah well. At least works pretty well on Linux. :]

It's not much, but I'm weirdly satisfied with this mushroom-tree.

Les memes Ghiblis×polfr c'est un autre level quand même (via @GhibliPosting@twitter.com).

Ça va trop loin la cancel culture, mais jusqu'où iront-ils ?

Still learning to draw characters. Here is the top 4 from my last weekly (I'm not in it :().

Next goal: being able to draw all 9000 characters from . Starting with the easy ones. :]

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