Donc apparemment c'est lundi pour mon poste de travail aussi.

A short but interesting analysis of how Christopher Larkin's music for the Hollow Knight works so wonderfully, by 8BitsMusicTheory.

Atmosphere and Motivic Development in Hollow Knight's Soundtrack -

It can get a bit technical, but I could get the gist of it without knowing anything about music theory.

I finished watching the Good Omens TV show.

It's pretty good, faithful to the book, and with some nice performances (David Tennant <3). It's maybe too faithful though, as it often feels more like a transcription than an adaptation. And there's only so much voiceover I can endure, even from God.

Fortunately it's a short (6 episodes) and stops in time before becoming dull. So I'd still recommend it if you are a fan of Pratchett, Gaiman, Tennant, or just fantastic comedies in general. 👍

Oh boy, I'm both excited and anxious. I understand The Good Place made Kristen Bell bankable again, but please don't mess this up.

A short and interesting by Nerdwriter about one aspect of acting (and how Ian McKellen excelled at it):

How Ian McKellen Acts With His Eyes -

Made me do faces in front of my mirror for several minutes. :}

Two new for The Alt-Right Playbook series by Ian @InnuendoStudios Danskin!

Always a Bigger Fish -
Endnote 3: The Origins of Conservatism -

About the world views of conservatists and how they conflicts with democracy. Awesome research, explained and summarised very clearly!

Neural networks doing pretty impressive shit with images yet again.

GauGAN Turns Doodles into Stunning, Realistic Landscapes | NVIDIA Blog -

Good job Nvidia, now I want one to prototype environment art, please.

An interesting about and its creators.

The story behind Dead Cells - Motion Twin | Levels -

With a few images from the upcoming DLC!

Coïncidence amusante, c'est aussi un ingrédient nécessaire dans la plupart des rituels sataniques.

A very clean of starters through the generations, by, now complete with the latest instalment.

I've read a bit of Warren Ellis now, and while they often are a blast to read, their message isn't exactly put with any form of subtlety whatsoever.

Case in point: No Hero reads like Alan Moore felt the need to rewrite Watchmen but dropped the pretence of a complex story to instead hammer his ideas through detailed gore imagery. Still a very good read though. :]

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