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I didn't enjoy the first Reigns that much, but now I'm very tempted to try its sequel.

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Here's a for the . With a heavy Esmeralda Weatherwax inspiration.

Here's a very nice and short directed by @gommatt , titled "Susume Karolina". It's in support of Karolina Styczyńska, the very first foreign female professional shōgi player in Japan! Makes me want to learn the game!


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David @AoDespair Simon (The Wire, Treme) is going nuclear on Twitter.


Could we get that fine man on Mastodon? Pretty please? :'D

Oh wow! Ahruon and Orkimides are finally releasing a Prototype version of their unfinished fan game Card Sagas Wars!

It's a mugen-powered fighting game with a lot of different video games characters and incredibly detailed graphics.


I have moving characters, basic speech bubbles, and a very original plot™! I'm en route for the GOTY award! \o/

(tileset curtesy of @scut@itch.io : scut.itch.io/7drl-tileset-2018)

Education goal. :anarchism:

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Ma fille de 7 ans, cette anarchiste en devenir.


I was not feeling happy this morning. So I bought a small pack of happiness on my way to work.

« Il nous faudrait un slogan vibrant, qui claque comme un défi, pour exprimer au mieux les valeurs de force, de courage et de ténacité qui sont au cœur de notre produit »
« Laissez-moi faire »

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« Ahem. Honey? How much do you like nutmeg? »

So this year summer found Paris to be way too cold for its taste and decided to spend summer in a warmer country instead, apparently.

I can't think of anything that could make this scene more perfect. I just hope it becomes a catchphrase for any major scientific discoveries first presentation.

– […] And therefore, P=NP.
– …
– …
– That is very interesting. You should publish that.


RT @mjn: "That is very interesting. You should publish that." —audience comment to Kurt Gödel, who had presented some of his new work on incompleteness of formal systems at Karl Menger's biweekly mathematics colloquium

The best 700¥ I've ever spent.


Unrealistic bodies expectations 🍴

Woah. This thread is a thriller, happening in real time. I'm laughing way too much in my subway wagon. :'D

RT @zaktoscani@twitter.com: Co-worker got his lunch stolen and they’ve agreed to let him watch the security camera tape. This is the most excited I’ve ever been at any job ever. Ever.