Still learning to draw characters. Here is the top 4 from my last weekly (I'm not in it :().

Next goal: being able to draw all 9000 characters from . Starting with the easy ones. :]

Still learning the ropes of black-and-white heads. :]
I can still see a lot of mistakes, but I feel like I like my results more and more, which is very encouraging (and enjoyable) !

Trying to learn better the planes of the head and how to paint them with . Here's a small black and white head study.

I'm not sure what you can do with this info, but I personnaly find it fascinating.

Anyway, after reading multiple Wikipedia articles, I finally stole the explications and examples from this excellent reddit thread about this meme you'll now be able to understand (if you were'nt already), and pedantically invalidate:


J'avais déjà du rhum et d'la bière dans le caddie, ils sont forts nom de dieu.

The good point of long meetings is that I can work on my drawing skills. 👍

Still working on those platformers jump trajectories. It's actually quite hard to get a good feeling, but I think I'm getting there.

To get why my platformers sucks I'm analysing good jumps. A bit time consuming (and not extremely precise) but I hope it pays off. :}

I took the time to precise and detail the feelings I had about _Ori and the Blind Forest_ gameplay, which I talked about earlier this week. If you're interested you'll find them put in writing here:

The tension between platformer and metroidvania - gemini://

(HTTP proxy:

Some practice. Learning how to draw doggos from references, and a skin tone I kinda like (even though the anatomy is a bit off and the hair are a mess...).

Here's a bored Link.

I find that working on semi-realistic skin rendering helps accentuate all the anatomical innacuracies and exagerations in my drawings.
It's not necessarily unpleasant, but I should be doing them more consciously, and not realize what I did after the fact. 😁

Today's drawing prompt was a doggo happily getting out of water and about to splash it everywhere. :]

Made me realize my dogs are very generic, I should probably train with refs.

Thinking in 3D is hard, but that's the best way to draw a figure from different angles, so I'll have to learn I guess.

Here are some doodles.

Painting good skintones is hard! I'm trying to learn by copying Sinix technique —and comparing my results to his can be a bit disheartening.

Anyway, here's a (a bit scary) Link head. :}

I bought a new tablet. \o/ Time to learn how colors work...

Here's me trying to do skintones with . Yeah, there's a quite some room for improvement.

Manipulating a platform-like character with just one button seems kinda doable. Not sure if it's interesting though. Maybe for a runner game? 🤔

Anyway, it looks a bit messy but I like how my animations turned out.

Here's some black & white animation for a game. Not sure what the game will be yet, maybe a runner or something like that. It should use only one button, which is quite constraining, to say the least.

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