@craigmaloney Hi! I'm trying to use the stream function of , and it crashes with an Internal Server Error when connecting to the streaming API. The only error log I have on the server side is a 'npm: error: password authentication failed for user "mastodon"'. Any idea about what I configured wrong?

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@lertsenem Not sure. Seems like it might be an issue with the server that you're connecting to?

@craigmaloney Yeah, I think it is, but In can't figure it out. You did not encounter it before?

@lertsenem Not in my testing on a handful of servers (I'm streaming right now and it's running without issues). Could be that the npm components aren't configured properly on the server?

@craigmaloney I solved it: apparently for the streaming API npm connect to the db using a regular socket, not an unix one. With a default pg_hba, you'll then need to set a password for your role (and add it to your .env.production), and voilà. What I can't figure out is why the rest of Mastodon can use unix socket fine (and connect without password), but not the streaming API...

@lertsenem Huh. Not sure why that is, but glad you fixed it. Will keep this in mind if someone else has this issue.

Thanks for letting me know the resolution!

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