There are actually only three in the world: "Press the right button at the right time", "Watch numbers go up" and "This should have been a movie".

@lertsenem id def watch a 50 hour movie with occasional story beats padded by long stretches of people walking around and emitting wordless vocalizations

@jk I guess "This should have been a movie" can be rephrased as "This is actually already a movie" if you're avant-garde enough.

@lertsenem disagree, there's also "push some boxes around a maze"

@SpindleyQ That may indeed be a missing piece in my otherwise quite complete taxonomy.

Maybe it could even be generalized as "Push the buttons in the right order"? :]

@lertsenem Yes! That fills the hole quite elegantly, and I have no further objections

@SpindleyQ @lertsenem but it has positional data and stuff. Also joysticks?
Actually joysticks are closer to buttons

@lertsenem and only one song: different pitched or unpitched sounds in a sequence

@pettter Prepare to be blown away by my next publication of a demonstrably complete taxonomy of literature.

@lertsenem I don't think this can be applied to puzzle games.

aren't these "Push buttons in the right order" candidates too?

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