Diamond Chess, the Berlin variant is almost like "normal" Chess, but the board is turned by 45° (white squares at the players side). The pieces are placed in the opposing corners, like shown in the illustration.
Players can't just reel off their trained openings, engines are useless.
The positioning of the board gives space for drinks and ashtray left and right of the players corner - very handy sitting at smaller bar-tables.


@diamondchess Are there adaptations for promotions, rook, pawns first move (and en passant rule)?

Hey, did you see my other posts ? There are the rules (english/german). Pawns are moving 1 field and forward (no enpassant) , no castelling, pawns get promoted when they reach the other side.

@diamondchess I did not see those post, sorry! Thanks, I'm going to check them out!

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