I'm playing (on Switch) and loving every minute (and hour⸮) of it.

It's a brilliant mix of 2D Zelda and Hyper Light Drifter, with a (deactivable) time limit to save the world.
Combat gameplay is excellent, with varied enemies and clever bosses to really make it shine.
I'm not fond of time limits in general, but in this case it's a genius idea that gives the game its unique flavour of urgency, making you fear of losing friends, pushing to speed from one place to the next.


While I do want to help everyone, I'm now arriving at the point where I'll need to make some difficult choices and it's nerve wracking. I'm pretty sure it's possible to save everyone though, but it seems like a very hard feat on a first playthrough (can't believe I wasted precious hours letting dogs rest!).

Anyway, if you like awesome fights, Zelda dungeons and pixelart you should absolutely play this game!

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