I just learned the existence (and difference between) alphasyllabaries, abjad and abugida, and now I want to use this but I have no idea how, so I'll share it here.

If you're reading this you know how alphabets work:

> batman

You probably know how syllabaries work too (each sign being a syllable, like japanese kana):

> [ba][to][ma][no]

Now, an alphasyllabary is basically an alphabet where vowels are diacritics, ie small modifications (accents, dots, …) to the consonants:

> bªtmªn


An abjad (like arabic or hebrew) can be pure or vowelled. In a pure abjad, only the consonants are marked and the reader infers the vowels:

> btmn

A vowelled abjad looks a lot like an alphasyllabary, except there is a diacritic marking the absence of vowel:

> bªt⁰mªn⁰

Finally an abugida (like Ethiopian Geʽez) is a syllabary in which you add diacritics to change (or remove) the vowels. You can also think of it as an abjad with default vowels for each consonant:

> [ba][ta]⁰[ma][na]⁰



I'm not sure what you can do with this info, but I personnaly find it fascinating.

Anyway, after reading multiple Wikipedia articles, I finally stole the explications and examples from this excellent reddit thread about this meme you'll now be able to understand (if you were'nt already), and pedantically invalidate:



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