To get why my platformers sucks I'm analysing good jumps. A bit time consuming (and not extremely precise) but I hope it pays off. :}

@lertsenem I don't know if it pays off, but there is always ups and downs in this kind of detailed analysis.

@tcheneau Well, even if it fails, I'll be sure to bounce back on my feet with a new plan.

@lertsenem Out of curiosity, how do you get the coordinates? Analyzing recording frame by frame?

@agateau Yes. I recorded short videos of me jumping, then exported the frames using ffmpeg and finally drawing the position over each frame in inkscape (repositioning the frames if the camera moved so that the ground stays at the same place).

This is just vertical analysis btw, horizontal axis is time, not space. But that should match anyway.

@lertsenem Wow, hat tip! That must have been quite tedious to do, but the results are very interesting.

@agateau Well if you're interested I added 2 SMB games from the NES :

I think I missed a frame on SMB3 full hop though.

Also, a crucial part of Mario 2d games movements is the strong inertia of the character, and I'm wondering how I could analyze that with a graph.

@lertsenem Ahhh yes, the inertia that makes players go "No no no!" while crushing the d-pad backward when Mario is about to fall after landing on a very narrow platform :)
That is going to be trick to analyze indeed.

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