Here's some black & white animation for a game. Not sure what the game will be yet, maybe a runner or something like that. It should use only one button, which is quite constraining, to say the least.


Manipulating a platform-like character with just one button seems kinda doable. Not sure if it's interesting though. Maybe for a runner game? 🤔

Anyway, it looks a bit messy but I like how my animations turned out.

@lertsenem unsolicited idea: What if it was a 2D fighting game where tapping the button makes the character lunge forward with an attack, and holding the button makes the character retreat?

Or possibly, NOT holding the button makes the character retreat (either slowly, or slowly-then-faster), holding the button is a defensive stance, and down-press is a lunge forward?

Now that I look at your animations again, I don't think this idea works at all, but I still like the concept.

@zatnosk Your concept looks neat indeed!

I had Sekiro in mind tbh, but those fights require many options to be fun (jump, roll, guard…) and 1 button feels too limiting. Your idea is more elegant though. Reminds me of barebones vs games like FOOTSIES or DiveKick.

My main concern is that while minimalism works for those because fighting humans make it interesting, IA could get boring without enough variety.

Thanks for the input, I'll be sure to tell you if something comes of it!

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