I HATE the word expat. Just say immigrant like, what.
More specifically, I hate white people using the word expat, bcs they're literally going to say "immigrant" for poc and "expat" for white people. Yikes.
I correct people whenever they call me an expat like no sir, that ain't me.
Ofc if poc want to use expat for themselves I understand it's more complex, but in general I would just scrap that word away entirely, make people uncomfortable & just say immigrant all the time & watch them squirm.

Here's a very good article about the subject: "Africans are immigrants. Arabs are immigrants. Asians are immigrants. However, Europeans are expats because they can’t be at the same level as other ethnicities. They are superior. Immigrants is a term set aside for ‘inferior races’." theguardian.com/global-develop

I understand that me making a stand about being called an immigrant instead of an expat comes from white privilege and the fact that I will most likely never get in trouble for coming to this country. And that's not the case for everybody, & poc calling themselves expats might make their lives easier.
So this rant is mostly directed at white people calling themselves expats. Just think - why are you using that specific word, when you're clearly an immigrant?


@lokenstein Yeah, but we need to differenciate because while immigrants fled their country because of war or persecutions, expats are just coming to another country to steal jobs and money from natives. o<

(I'm–hopefully obviously–ironic here and totally agree with your point)

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