@thishungrypanda Conversations, free and frank, without fear of bias and threat mongering. Build your network, reach out to like minded people, interact. But, don't run after follower numbers or blue ticks... welcome

@KayKap i think in time, there will be trolls and bullies on this platform as well. it’s human nature.


@thishungrypanda There sure will, but this platform is decentralized and thus has a more human scale. So hopefully it is easier for moderators to act and react and ban the trolls and bullies. @KayKap

@lertsenem @KayKap Let’s hope so. Because without a doubt there will be a hoard of bullies and trolls that will flood this platform.

@thishungrypanda @lertsenem and when that happens as it will, we will step forward to defend it... simple...

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