If you want to synchronize and practice together , I created a chat room here : matrix.to/#/!qRiGcGPbvmXWiXMOZ (or search for :matrix.org).

@Ronflaix Not sure about what you mean, but i's a room for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. :'D

@lertsenem SSBU was previously the short name for Smash Bros "For Wii U", so after all this time I still get a bit confused x)


@Ronflaix Ooooh! I didn't know that! I thought it was sm4sh, because it was the fourth entry. :}

Anyway, it's about Ultimate but anyone is welcome, really. There's only 3 people for now. And one of them does not play anymore. :p

@lertsenem I'm tempted to jump in but that'd be one more chatroom to have and I already have too much of them to follow what's hppening everywhere, sorry.

@Ronflaix I can understand that. Well, if you ever change your mind you're welcome to be the third player of our bunch. :p

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