@johannc Wow, that's awesome! How do you use inkscape for such a piece? Is it copied from a paper scan? Do you use a tablet?

Sorry for bothering, is just that everything I manage to do with it always feels very stiff and computer-y...

@lertsenem Hi. With Inktober, I am making the most of the opportunity to find a good workflow with inkscape. I think I have to still improve it but I am kind of happy with it now.

First, I make a draft on paper with pencil. I scan the drawing and import it to Inkscape.
Then, I just ink it with the calligraphy tool. I use a tablet (an old Wacom), I work on 2:1 zoom and use a brush stroke whose width is from 2 to 5 with no pressure.
Btw, if you want to train, you can find my inktober works here :

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