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Embroidery is such a creative art, check Narumi Takada ( on Instagram to discover many different ways to think outside that canvas. I love the little steps in the snow.

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VLC Media Player has encountered a problem with Windows

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Hm, apparently I can upload Videos to Mastodon!

I started a "small" passion project about Chimeras, specifically I wanted to see if I'm capable of creating randomly generated creatures.

This is my very first test! At this point it's just grey models swapping around but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

I want to add blendshapes that give a much wider variety of options, but first I want to go into texturing so the colors and markings can be generated, too!

#Maya #3DArtist #Mastoart #gamedev

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@codesections Did you know that C compilers are still only required to support up to 4095 characters on a line of source code? If you have a line of code in your C program that's longer than that, the standard doesn't guarantee it has to be compiled correctly :)

En fait, un gant, c'est une moufle digitale. 🤔

Okay, okay, hear me out : , but for smtp instead of http.

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#PNGRepo & #SVGRepo : plus de 300 000 images vectorielles et icônes libres, à télécharger au format PNG ou SVG (selon le lien choisi), monochromes ou en couleurs, classées par collections.
➜ PNGRepo :
➜ SVGRepo :

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Vous vous intéressez à l'agriculture ? 🍓 🥦 🥕 🍐

J'ai ce qu'il vous faut 😋

Le maraîcher #bio de notre #AMAP a accepté d'écrire un billet chaque semaine sur ses techniques de productions.

C'est instructif et c'est par là :

Cc @reseauamapaura

#Agriculture #Local #Lyon

The Cadence of Hyrule OST is awesome, but I just can't listen to it without trying to act and move in rythm with the beat yet.

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C'est quoi cette police pro-Macron ? 😡​​

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in doctor who the doctor doesnt speak earth languages but his tardis like auto translates everything everyone says so it sounds like hes speaking english and so that means when he says allons y he is overriding the translator for the purpose of beaming french into peoples brains and i think that should be a war crime

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Linux distributions in a nutshell

Technically it shouldn't be *that* hard, since there are already perfectly functional IRC bridges and Twitch offers a (slightly tweaked) IRC API.

Quick question for people, is there a way to link to images through this protocol?

I really wish I could join a Twitch chat through my matrix client.

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Remember to always illegally download games for free, it’s the only ethical way

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"It has a dragon called Smaug. That's him on the cover." I was told when I received this. Then I read the first chapter introducing Hobbits and I was hooked. #BiblioSmithy

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