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jv appeler macron manu vous allez faire quoi g une licence et jsais faire des pâtes g le droit de faire la révolution mtn


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Lol ces gens qui veulent faire la révolution sans diplôme.

Ils ne faudra pas qu'il s'étonnent si l'Assemblée Révolutionnaire les licencie pour recruter des révolutionnaires plus performants, qui lui permettront d'atteindre ses objectifs annuels de renversement de l'état et d'abolition du capitalisme plus efficacement.

And please, please show an average of how long it takes to play through. Don't be shy because your's short. I'm currently running away from the games promising me "hundreds of hours of gameplay(tm)" because I can't afford those hours, and I'd buy a good "two hours of playtime from start to finish" any time.

Also, that makes two games I pause right before the end unknowingly, and am very disappointed when I come back to them. Please tell me how long I have left!

We need shorter games, so that I can find time to play them through.

That was my hot take of the evening. Good night.

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Now this is some good year 2000 feels

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Game: "Hey, do this messed up thing it's part of the plot and you have to do it to advance the game"
Also game: "WOW!!! that's some fucked up thing you did there! How dare you! Do you feel good about yourself? Are you PROUD of doing that? Why didn't you turn the game off instead? You CHOSE to keep playing, monster!"
Also also game: "Achievement unlocked! Burst 100 heads into chunks!"

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Added windows with some snow and trees. Now the columns have blue/yellow lights due the sun by the windows and the blue torchs. Thinking how to do the normal-ice floor transition. And a big door, still very wip.

#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #gameart #8bit #ドット絵

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This thread outlines why the famous Stanford Prison Experiment was basically scientific fraud.


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Are there participants to the sharing their progress here on Mastodon?

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I didn't expect the ending of The Sexy Brutale. Hit me right in the feels.

Still, a shame that the Nintendo Switch port is so buggy. That's a crime to ruin such an excellent game.

Education goal. :anarchism:

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Ma fille de 7 ans, cette anarchiste en devenir.


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A caterpie that died but came back as a metapod.


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hands I've drawn for @JimmyWhetzel the last year or so! It's tough fitting fingers in such a small space!


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an olive garden commercial written by a bot that watched 1000 hours of olive garden commercials