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Me: Wow, nice, there are so many new characters in since Melee!

Also me: *only plays Link and Bowser*

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Should be done. Next will be my instance (but not right now because I'm lazy).

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J'ai fait mon co et je me retrouve à pas savoir où dormir le temps que mes parents, notamment mon père, se calment. Est-ce qu'une personne pourrait m'héberger pendant ce temps ? Je suis dans le Nord, je peux sur Valenciennes, Douai et Lille.

Vraiment j'en ai besoin, je sais pas encore où je vais dormir ce soir. Bost vraiment apprécié. Merci d'avance

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If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.

I'm at a (boring) IT formation, where they lend us a PC for practice. My first reflex is to change the default password for my account. Unfortunately, the account is the same for everyone and now nobody can log in. I'm like

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Two of my favorite things in one: direct action and stealing from the textbook companies.

Good praxis. Good morning.

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Image memes are OUT
Verbally described memes are IN

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I got back into writing! Polygon asked me to write about Tomb Raider ( ) and Medium had me write about accessibility ( ). I’m glad I haven’t forgotten how to write more than 280 characters at a time.

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looks like they have two words for carrot here, and since i'm a genius i decided to google translate the page explaining the difference

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We're Friday, you all know what that means. It's time for another #FollowFriday.
This week's theme "Videogame creators".

@amydentata, game developer. [en]

@DavitMasia, game designer. [en]

@Kells, illustrator. [en]

@matilde, interactive media artist. [en]

@thetrakynia, game developer. [en]

#FF #FediverseFriday

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list of birds from least to most that i trust with a knife and would give a knife to any day:

10. you
9. shouldn't
8. give
7. animals
6. knives
5. its
4. dangerous
3. and
2. irresponsible
1. crows

Philosophers: how can humans find happiness? what does it look like?

Me, an intellectual:

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