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I'm out of battery and didn't brink spare, so the thread will end here. See you comrades. ✊

Loud bangs, cops are on the move. People are retreating to adjacent streets, some screaming "Police everywhere, justice nowhere".

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Twitter artists tricking art thieft bots into creating stolen art t-shirts of highly copyrighted images to get them banned. (2019, colorized)

The police is blocking the bridge, barring access to the peninsula and the town center. The crowd is hesitating.

Chilean slogans, and now the French Internationale song, while the cortege is slowly arriving at the Guillotière bridge.

"Une pensée pour les familles des vitrines" ("thoughts and prayers for the showcases families" ; it's funny because in French "victim" and "showcase / vitrine" sound the same)

Iirc, the desmonstration is not authorized to reach the peninsula and city center because of the Lights Festivities (Fête des Lumières). But the procession keep going straight anyway, towards the Guillotière bridge.

"Everyboy together, everybody together, general strike".

I can't handle the tear gas, I'm back a bit further in the procession. There are some signs with funny "strike" puns.

Some tensions, police first charges and tear gas.

"Allez les blacks" An overthrown glass container provides ammos of empty bottles.

Now crossing the Victor Basch place. People give flyers for a coordination telegram channel.

Cops are spotted blocking a perpendicular street. Boos and ACAB are heard. People chant "Every - body - hate the cops".

Sign reads "Our experts are formal, your new world sucks big time"

The demonstration is advancing again. Chants of "for the honour of workers, and for a better world".

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Il y a des gens qui hébergent un stream et reversent tous les sous issus des dons à une caisse de grève.

Chants of "A... Anti... Anticapitalists" and ", get up, rise up"

Head of the cortege is arriving at Garibaldi. People shout to slow down to wait for the tail.

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