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samurai gunn 2 will probably be our team's last pixel art game even though we have the best art team in the entire world because it is literally impossible to get funding for a game with this art style while default unity shader games get greenlit for 5 million dollars. yeah i'm salty about it fuck you

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Opening a few slots for commission work while I await my next contract/wait for the folks on my waitlist to get back to me!


And below are some examples of my work. Boosts are appreciated!


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Listen, I've had a go at being an adult for over 25 years, which I think is giving it more than a fair chance. But now I really need to know what my other options are, please and thank you.

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New version of NEXXT published. And with it, i've decided to host it on itch. Free to use & public domain.

I make nearly all my NES graphics in it.

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It's definitely a little weird how player pianos (the kind you'd find in the corner of a saloon in a cowboy movie) are the cause of so much of modern copyright law being the way it is.

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hi friends, I'm maruki, a very pixel artist and animator
I'm having a hard time with housing costs, so I'm opening extra commission slots to help me with them
DMs are open. Prices are negotiable.
maruki [@] 💌
RToots appreciated 💜
#pixelart #ドット絵

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Ken Hultgren, the author of my absolute favourite drawing how-to book, "The Art of Animal Drawing." He was also an animator for Disney in the 40s/50s.

His ability to show form and anatomy in such quick, gorgeous ink sketches have been so inspiring to me my whole adult life.


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#GodotEngine boids! They actually woik!

I haven't implemented direction aligning yet, but I have noticed two things:

1) No alignment is a great way to get behavior that looks like a piranha swarm in a feeding frenzy once a critical mass of boids is in a group.

2) Spontaneous order can still emerge as demonstrated by the smaller group which settled into a slowly rotating equilateral triangle.

//cc @JanaMarie

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working on a knight armor model…. wish me luck……….

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Sekrit Game Dev Project update:

A* pathfinding and move queues implemented. So the character can be moved with WASD/controller directly, or tap/left click to move them.

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been working on game for a few days now, there's still a lot to do but i'm pretty happy with what i've done so far.

* reliable collision system
* rle compressed level loading
* basic physics

still needs doing:
* add enemies and other non-player objects
* add a bunch of different tiles with different effects
* menuing
* failure
* more abilities for the player to use
* level design
* replace placeholder graphics
* speedrun timer
* other things i'm sure

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#GodotEngine 3.5 is finally released, and it's amazingly feature-packed!

🧭 Navigation
🏃 Physics interpolation
🧃 Better tweening
⏲️ Time singleton
📜 Label3D and TextMesh
🏷️ Unique node names
🌊 Flow containers
🎨 Async shaders
And more!

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Really excited for the Lord of the Rings prequel series to finally answer all my big backstory questions, like "why was meat originally taken off the menu?"

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We board the dead space hulk. It’s been lifeless for centuries. We start replacing corroded cabling to get life support functioning. Then we restore communications.

There’s a final unsent message in the buffers. We put it on screen.

From: Chief Engineer Nani, Cargo Vessel Akkadia
To: Copper merchant Ea-nasr, New Ur
Subject: Complaint about quality of copper in new CO₂ scrubbers

We turn the screen off. It’s a tale as old as time.


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