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If anyone wants some #sociology/#socialscience readings, I have a Google Drive library! They’re segregated into topics, ranging from #demography to sociology of #music to #anarchy/anarchist sociology. There are also quali and quanti research works in there.


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Bon texte de @askolovitchC.

« Mais cela fait des années que nos forces de police sont sollicitées par les pouvoirs pour soutenir non pas l’État mais une politique, pas seulement la sécurité des personnes et des biens, mais l’ordre des pouvoirs et de leur volonté. » twitter.com/askolovitchc/statu


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Not to be too judgey at 10am in the morning, but this tasty slab of sarcasm should be required reading for all game devs. twitter.com/gamasutra/status/1


«Burberry, the upmarket British fashion label, destroyed unsold clothes, accessories and perfume worth £28.6m last year to protect its brand.
Burberry said that the energy generated from burning its products was captured, making it environmentally friendly.»

Well, as far as adding insult to injury goes, trying to greenwash such an absolute waste as an eco-friendly process must be an all-time low. 👌


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Is there a Github-like soft being developed right now?

Croire à l'astrologie, c'est bien un truc de capricornes tiens.

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an incomplete list of things that make me sleepy:

- alcohol
- not sleeping much
- sleeping a lot
- not getting enough exercise
- eating lots of food
- getting lots of exercise
- being hungry
- tea
- coffee
- being too cold & wanting to curl up in bed
- being too hot & feeling drowsy due to the heat
- being neither hot nor cold, and thus comfortable, and thus sleepy

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I dont really see the appeal of animal crossing. If I wanted to hang out with animal friends id just come here.

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Hi guys!, i started to collab with CodeManuPro , to boost #PixelFxDesigner , a new tool to create particle effects focused mainly in give a #pixelart style. The UI is still very wip but constant updates are coming!! Stay tunned! ;)

More info: codemanu.itch.io/particle-fx-d

#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #digitalart

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RT @4_9_13@birdsite.link
クリア記念の絵 面白かったです MAXお疲れ様!
#LifeisStrange #pixelart


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Content de savoir que cette journée offrira de nouvelles occasions à Alexis Corbière de se tromper d'image pour les prochaines manifestations de France Insoumise.

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An unicorn mage or something like that #MastoArt

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i'm pushing my n64 homebrew test game up to github. if i dont post in the next 24 hours, Shigeru Miyamoto found me

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I built a head-mounted LiDAR array that lets you see the world like a dolphin through vibrations sent through you jaw.

Bonus: you look absolutely ridiculous wearing it.

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#pixel #gameart RT @puking_rabbit: くさもちさんのリクエスト


#picopiyo #ドット絵 #pixelart